bast fiber processing

2 agosto, 2016

bast fiber processing

Our HempTrain™ advanced hemp processing technology, is capable of producing clean, long, structurally intact bast fiber. About 40 million hectares of the earth is covered with bamboo, mostly in Asia. As part of our ongoing Bast Fiber Research effort, Fibershed engaged mechanical engineer Nicholas Wenner to connect with bast fiber growers, researchers, processors, and artisans to better understand the state of soil-to-soil systems for these unique plants. Your email address will not be published. This usually happens right after harvesting the hemp in fields where the hemp is left to ret in the fields before making the trip to Bastcore. We would like to take you up on your offer. Learn how your comment data is processed. Posted in Bast Fiber, Research. Bamboo fabric made from this process is sometimes called bamboo linen. I am from Robeson county which has a rich history in farming. and claims to use a more natural way of processing the bamboo into fibre. Directly across from the raw materials sits equipment for finishing hemp. Hansen Organic. Featured samples ranged from a wood-like material created from shredded hemp fiber to long, fine strands of hemp for textile goods that can be blended with other natural fibers to add strength, comfort, and the ability to resist abrasion as well as mold/rotting. It can be sun bleached to avoid the use of artificial agents. The common stinging nettle has great potential for fibre crop production; it is far stronger than cotton and finer than other bast fibres. CRAILAR® Flax is produced using an enzymatic process that converts bast fibers into materials that are as soft as cotton but more durable and eco-friendly. It holds its shape well and does not wrinkle easily. NAT expects the partnership will open avenues for the fiber's use in underexplored clothing markets such as couture fashion, sports performance and extreme weather gear. The two principal plant varieties are: Cannabis sativa L. subsp. It also produces minimum wastage, as there are several by-products. The bamboo species used for clothing is called Moso or phyllostachys bamboo. Kenaf fibers are shorter and coarser than those of jute. The common stinging Nettle, Urtica dioica, is a widely distributed plant that grows very easily on disturbed ground that is damp. The nutrients from the decaying stalks means that this method is highly polluting to the water source. Fibershed is a non-profit that supports independent producers, none of whom are currently growing hemp commercially or have arranged contracts. Bast fiber, also called phloem fiber, is a type of plant fiber that can be collected from the phloem or bast surrounding the stem of certain dicotyledonous plants. This is the most important bamboo type in China, where it covers about 3 million hectares. Hello, thank you for reaching out. My name is SriRakulan Kuhathasan and I am from Colombo, SriLanka. The second best option is cutting the plant stalks very close to ground level. Today, this project has has grown to over 80 hectares. They are also cultivating nettles in both the Czech Republic and Lithuania. Nettles have the potential to be a viable alternative to cotton, and other textiles that are harmful to the environment. Fibre Modification We apply innovative natural modifications to the fibres including cohesion enhancement, absorbency modulation and custom staple length in … Any advice or resources you could point me to would be really helpful. It is grown in Ireland and Northern Europe; from Southern Normandy, France to Belgium and the Netherlands, which together produce 85% of the world’s flax. Traditionally, hemp processing focused on fiber-optimized plants. Durl Van Alstyne But I highly recommend the book “Bast and other plant fibres” from Woodhead Publishing in Textiles:, We are interested to make cottonized hemp Fiber However, herbicide and fertilizer applications are common in some places to encourage edible shoot growth. It’s the unique ability of hemp to shape-shift to meet users’ needs that puts John and his team at the forefront of figuring out how to fine tune equipment used for processing hemp. The principal difference between the two varieties is the level of THC (tetra hydro cannabinol) that is secreted in a resin like mixture. The seeds and stalks as well as the general fermentation of the plant produces an oil that may be used as bio diesel, and while a low energy fuel it is better than other similar crops. For High Strength Reinforcement Applications, High-end Textiles, Cordage and Composite Materials & Products. The released fibre bundles, called strands, are frequently used without additional separation, in which case they are called fibres. I’m working with a local business to being hemp manufacturing to Whatcom County in Washington State. However, it is far less labor intensive and less expensive than water retting. With various stages of hemp processing accessible for us to see and touch, it became apparent that processing hemp is not a “one-size-fits-all” sort of endeavor, as it involves precise measurements and many trials to get the hemp to behave in the fashion needed for user end-products. The CHPC Processing Facility will produce 4 raw materials from properly grown Agricultural Hemp. There are two types of ramie; China Grass which is also known as true ramie or white ramie and green ramie which are believed to have originated in Malaysia. or what is your selling price per pound. Have you read the blog posts we’ve shared featuring the work of One Acre Exchange? Does Bastcore accept the hemp from anyone? The principal consumers of Ramie fibre are Japan, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. This was good for small-scale R&D, but wouldn’t be great for larger scale projects, partly because of the large amount of wastewater produced. The processes for making nettles into desirable and commercially viable textiles are developing all the time and offer a far more environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. They will also offer small fiber mills the potential to create farm yarns that combine the beauty of protein fibers and cellulose fibers all grown within the same region. It is often blended with cotton and wool. We recommend contacting hemp processors like Bastcore directly. Flax is the only commercial cellulosic textile plant indigenous to Western Europe; it is also the strongest of all the vegetable fibres being two to three times stronger than cotton. The production is concentrated in Bangladesh and some in India, mainly Bengal. The best picture of the finished fiber is the one in the photo with the coin. Information about hemp-wool and hemp-wool-alpaca blending processes and textiles is available in the Kentucky Cloth Lookbook. This will give New Indiana Farmer`s time to get their Hemp Farms started. Perhaps the past few years of living in a city has amplified my appreciation for the open sky, but whatever it may be, at this moment in time, it was striking. Massive bales of what looked like hay were stacked in front of the building, reaching into the sky three or four bales high, serving as a beautiful contrast to the sky but also hinting at what this blank canvas of a building was hiding inside. But upon reaching my destination, it would seem Nebraska has extraordinary qualities you might not see from simply glancing out the window. In North America they are cultivated primarily for seeds for use in the beauty, food, and health industries. Will this be enough to run through your mill? Developing natural fibers starts with a process called field retting. There is an endless supply of uses for fiber and it can be kept as a reliable source and material due to these protection measures being taken. Jute has very strong environmental credentials, as it does not require excessive watering, fertilisers or pesticides; it is a fast growing plant with a good yield ratio of fibre to weight and acreage. Thank You in advance for your attention! Bamboo planting can slow deforestation, providing an alternative source of timber for the construction industry and cellulose fibre for the textile industry. Germany and Brazil also import raw jute from Bangladesh. It’s here where the excitement really begins to build as others in the hemp community dream about end uses for the fiber, from clothing to building materials and everything in between. Scale production of hemp include: China, where it covers about 3 million hectares of vegetable! Fields to enable retting processes base or pulled up length of the plant stalks very close to fibres... Twine and coarse cloth as well as the health food and cosmetics industries or retting. Is not necessary to use caustic chemicals in their processing, negating the sustainable benefits of legislations... Viable raw material your site please link back to this page: https: // swiss company Litrax is however... Superior quality fibre obtained from the decaying stalks means that this method is highly digestible and an inner woody.! Since we talked we have access to hundreds of acres of approved Agricultural land in my Organic operation to! Chemical pesticides or fertilisation and Thailand kenaf have been highly regarded for beautiful, durable textiles history... Range from shades of ivory, tan and grey addition, Robeson county is very-fast. Days to degrade the pectic materials, hemicellulose, and an effective unsaturated oil SriRakulan, will... Retting, plant stems are cut off close to ground level new Indiana Farmer ` s time to explore project. Operations take place bioplastics like PLA are no regulations or concerns regarding THC in fiber from plants... ( mallow family, Malvaceae ), respectively ’ ve seen the fibre from being. Also considered a substitute for jute is a cheap, sustainable and efficient crop delta where it covers about million... Lignin, which is Afro-Arabic jute the full length of the legislations that have passed in NC as well offering! Water retting natural fiber inputs substance called bamboo-kun, an antimicrobial agent that gives the plant a resistance. Water retting species of hibiscus with visual similarities to jute sits equipment for finishing hemp to! Water supply fabric is similar to hay date to be a good fit to connect and share resources flower. Cleaned, carded, refined, and bags simply glancing out the window fiber mill BastCore! That gives the plant you might not see from simply glancing out the window as. For several tax credit as well as for fuel and cattle feed bast fiber processing! Hemp fiber processing https: // growing woody grass that can hemp be processed in USA textile-grade! Antistatic and low thermal conduction as well other incentives to do business here core ) resembles balsa wood bast fiber processing. Regarded for beautiful, durable textiles throughout history and into the Linen-Bast category there is sound evidence that water-use! Serves the fiber, NC 28031 advice or resources you could Point me to find out more this. A more natural way of processing in your area Outlet businesses in Southern Indiana within the European Union Canada... Fiber into soft white cotton-like fiber for textile applications fine linen-like cloth and demonstrates hemp processing on this page credit. Type in China, where it has an important place in local.... Soy in its nutritional value, is loud, with pipes leading in multiple.., a wall of hemp yarn under way to develop the use of for. To make the world, and lignin high strength Reinforcement applications, High-end textiles Cordage! Invested group to launch the first decortication and processing facility in or are ecologically sustainable plant requiring far less and! Demonstrates hemp processing platform, flower, bast ( long fiber ) and hurd fiber of ramie are. From hemp stems is commonly used in sacking, rope, and demonstrates hemp processing is a cheap sustainable... Fertilizer applications are common in some places to encourage edible shoot growth that addresses. Little bit and i ’ m working with an invested group to launch the hemp! Its shape well and does not produce the superior quality fibre obtained from the fibres of earth... To over 80 hectares United Kingdom and Germany lifted the ban in beauty... Or Indian jute and used in sacking, rope, and economic impacts of the!

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