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2 agosto, 2016

reddit anesthesia funny

Although many won't remember … Including Anesthesia jokes for adults, dirty anesthesia puns and clean anaesthesia dad jokes for kids. This story isn't mine, but a friend of mine. Feb 10, 2009 #2 So Jeff and Sue meet at a conference, and after a few drinks, they decide to head up to a hotel room. They're going through the typical post-op talk and mention that I might taste blood. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. United States About Blog GomerBlog is dedicated to bringing you funny medical satire for Healthcare Professionals. Are you Arthur Dent? 115k. Take a look at 30 of the most hilarious pets leaving the vet’s office after a procedure. Pre-wisdom-tooth surgery, fucked up on Valium: "Doc... you do your thing. We shrug, maybe give our heads a â ¦ â ¦ Here's an example of how to write the perfect one. generic_name 2 dec. 2K Copy Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email {{ shortRepliesCount }} Show. Asa 4. 33.7m members in the funny community. The nurse told him that they had several hysterectomy procedures scheduled as well, since they are located in the same general area of the body. Me: Oh I'm fine. 0:00. Anesthesiologist: This will feel like a martini. Settings. So he was going in to get some gallstones removed. I don't give a fuck. and then passed out. Go, go, go." These hilarious stories from Ask Reddit are going to have you chuckling at your phone. 125 & 491 More. Medical Humor Nurse Humor Medical School Anesthesia Humor Operating Room Nurse Nurse Anesthetist Male Doctor Surgical Tech. If you're squeamish then click with caution. The above conversation is the last thing I remember. Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit's largest humour depository. Old but gold. As they were wheeling him out of the room to put him in the prep area he noticed several other hospital beds in the area. Love this track, what’s it called? tofunny. Working in medicine is tough and we all need some relief. 813 comments. Fucker never gave me the mars bar. b-rry via Reddit Source: b-rry via Reddit 2. It’s a good thing our pets don’t have social media. Press J to jump to the feed. save. A couple of weeks ago I had foot surgery and had to be put under. View Comments. I was pretty excited to see this stuff used in kids as I had only seen it used in animals during my time as a vet tech. Vicky Zar. ", "Are you sure that's a good idea? You just... you just... go. Physician. Surgeon: Ah, so you don't remember what you said to me then. I hear your feelings about EM tho :/ Reactions: 1 users Reply. |Cussed out a public park. And I yelled weakly, "AWWWEEESOME," and then passed right out again. share. Thanks to the drugs, I found this hilarious. ", "Timmy, we are going to fix your finger. The attending decided that conscious sedation was the best route and elected to use ketamine. Email Pinterest Reddit Tumblr Report; Copy link; Pinterest; 391 comments. Usain Bolt is such a nice guy Wholesome Moments ( submitted 5 hours ago by rocketship94. As he feels the effects taking grasp he freaks out a little when he realizes they can't tell his sex by just looking at his belly and he is worried they might try to do a hysterectomy on him. Article continues below advertisement 1. The home to people being funny whilst under the influence of anesthesia. Told her that she was the ugliest fucking woman I had ever seen, and I hated her new short haircut.. share. Pure comedy ensues. Final score: 622 points. And it is always reliably funny. Counting backwards from 100... 99... 98... 97... 96 Goes under, Waking up 6 hours later in a really loud voice "95... 94... ". And I just kept repeating that until my mom was embarrassed and took away my paper. Vicky Zar. Snow fight in Madrid, covered in snow for the first time in 61 years. I apparently wasn't pleased with its location, so as we drove by, I hurled insults at it. I donated a kidney to a friend and was put under, but I came to as they were lifting me from a gurney into my hospital bed. I mean, really done this?". So he is fighting to try and tell them NOT to do a hysterectomy, but he can't remember the name of the procedure at this point. So the first thing I muttered was "Uuuuuuuh ooooh. and the answers may send you into fits of giggles without any local anesthesia. 4 4 3 2 2344. comments. Another wisdom teeth story: they put in the IV for the sedative, then a few minutes later a nurse came through, tripped on the IV, and pulled it out of my arm. WARNING: Some videos, pictures and GIF's may contain blood. Because seriously, this sounds straight out of a Douglas Adams novel. Shannon FaganGetty Images Anyone who's received anesthesia can attest that the medication makes them feel pretty loopy. Probably not the funniest in this thread, but hey. I mean, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, come on. Surgeon: Hey, sugasugashack, how are you feeling? Pure comedy ensues. Nurse starts the IV... Count down from 100. me. 55.8k. 409 comments. # Funny Stories Woman wakes up from anesthesia and is shocked by the time and more Post-anesthesia videos are some of the best online (via Reddit Stories from patients and physician anesthesiologists demonstrate how these medical experts make a difference — saving and changing lives when seconds count. He was waiting in the prep area and the nurse was going over everything with him. I apparently wasn't pleased with its location, so as we drove by, I hurled insults at it. Nurses of reddit, what’s the most entertaining thing someone has said coming off of anesthesia? When I came off anesthesia from wisdom teeth surgery I tried to talk, and was stubborn enough that the nurses gave me a pad of paper. Your schedule is highly dependent on surgeons. During my paramedic clinicals in the ER, an 8 or so year old kid came in with a laceration to his finger that needed about 10 sutures. 1.5k comments. Play. See more ideas about medical humor, humor, anesthesia humor. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. A couple more cc's of ketamine and the bargaining stopped, the finger was fixed, and we continued to laugh so hard we cried from the stuff this 8 year old kid had been saying. This joke may contain profanity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ", "This and this stuff here. Especially with photos this funny. And as they lifted me, I could feel my body attempting to help them shift me into the bed, but that exertion made me start to pee uncontrollably. Report. Dimoak Member . POST. 37.4k. In the evening, it was decided to perform a Caesarean section under general anesthesia due to a â Fetal distressâ . Circulatory System. May 2, 2006 890 12 Chicagoland Status. Faces of Anesthesia | CRNA Medical Clipboard . 1. Anesthesiologist: Okay, fine, here's a stout. Anesthesia Humor Nurse Anesthetist Clipboards Medical Humor School Supplies Faces Lettering Doctor Humor School Stuff. 0:00. Girl on anesthesia proposes to nurse. Stay organized, and stunningly stylish, with custom clipboards from Zazzle! So just as he is about to succumb to the effects and go under he looks right at the nurse with a look of panic on his face and says: "Don't let them take out my uterus". Join. Doctors Reveal Best Anesthesia Waking Stories (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories) Has anything insane happened to you? You know, I don't actually remember seeing you before the surgery! I like people, under general anesthesia, the perfect funny gift for anesthesiologists! ACSurgeon Acute Care Surgeon. I have no memory of this. This is a collection of funny one-liners, exactly as typed by medical secretaries: Patient has left her white blood cells at another hospital. ( submitted 4 hours ago by shampoo_and_dick. New AskReddit Stories: What would be a funny thing to say to a surgeon before anesthesia kicks in 5 seconds later? The recovery room isn't necessarily the place to erupt into laughter, but sometimes that's exactly what happens. Girl on anesthesia proposes to nurse. toMadeMeSmile. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 0:00. This post may include affiliate links. Plus, as the cherry on top, the med student who was shadowing the surgery was in my high school class. Fullscreen. So, we find a quiet place and dim the lights (to help lessen ketamine induced hallucinations) and give the kid his ketamine. (I think this is funny. They finish up and then start to put him under. Reactions: 4 users Reply. Well he finally makes it in and they start prepping him, and they make a kind of "tent" around his stomach area. This is Porkchop before and after his vet visit. If you hate the OR you can do something like a pain fellowship as mentioned above or do cardiac and do more interesting cases rather than being yelled at to raise / lower the bed by ortho residents. Shmizzyy 2 dec. 1.1K Copy Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email {{ shortRepliesCount }} Show. Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit's largest humour depository. They would never forgive us. 39.8k. You should be constantly differentially diagnosing every problem, thinking ahead, and staying vigilant. Welcome to r/funnyanaesthesia! The home to people being funny whilst under the influence of anaesthesia. Unlike cats, however, he began bargaining: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, let's talk about this. My whole family was in the room (the first time we were together in years), including my girlfriend. View Comments. that kid had the time of his life, trust me :P. I read the kid's lines in the voice of the Scout from Team Fortress 2. I'm pissing myself". I've never got past about 7, counting down from 10. I said some terrible things to my mom as I was coming out of anesthesia. Fullscreen. They're going through the typical post-op talk and mention that I might taste blood. I tried to smile at them and wrote 'I like the taste of blood'. New AskReddit Stories: Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff of Reddit - what are your experiences (funny, sad, horrible) with people waking from anesthesia? Anesthesia Jokes Following is our collection of recovery puns and operation one-liner funnies and gags working better than reddit jokes. Turns out it was my dad who came to pick me up, my mom was at home this whole time. When I came off anesthesia from wisdom teeth surgery I tried to talk, and was stubborn enough that the nurses gave me a pad of paper. Cue my mother laughing in the corner, then pretending to be shocked and horrified. 0:00. Anesthesia -> fellowship is still a solid route IMO. But I also married a surgeon.) However, as far as the potential for awkward situations goes, going to the doc's can be comedy gold. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ", "Doc, have you done this before? Apr 26, 2017 - Explore Vaeda Ramadhin's board "Anaesthetic humor" on Pinterest. WARNING: Some … The perfect Titanic Anesthesia Funny Animated GIF for your conversation. The glizzy goblin. Many are already calling us 'The Onion' for doctors, nurses, and all health care professionals. I tried to smile at them and wrote 'I like the taste of blood'. In a recent Ask Reddit thread, anesthesiologists, doctors, nurses, and former patients share the craziest things they've heard or said while going under or coming out of anesthesia. Surgeon: Right before you went to sleep, you sat up on the operating table, pointed straight at me, and said "DON'T FUCK IT UP!" Medical Quotes Medical Humor Nurse Humor Operating Room Humor Anesthesia Humor Science Humor Funny Science Funny Memes Jokes. Surgery happens, I go home to rest in the afternoon and wake up to a phone call from my surgeon. Before I was given anesthesia, the anesthesiologist gave me a "cocktail" to calm be down. Someone on Reddit asked, "Anesthesiologists, what are the best things people have said under the gas?" Our goal is to provide comic relief to our hard working healthcare professionals. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year. When I was a kid having my appendix out, the anesthetist said if I could count from 10 to 1 he'd give me a mars bar. What is a funny thing to say to a surgeon before anesthesia? Play. Scroll down below, and don't forget to upvote your favorite funny anesthesia stories! r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. I have no memory of this. After concluding a passionate night of lovemaking, Sue gets up and walks over to the sink to wash up. #1 . Icu Nursing Nursing Assistant Nursing … Keep in mind he is male. From hilariously misinformed patients to doctors with a wickedly dry sense of humor, we at Bored Panda had compiled a list of short stories when doctor/patient interactions were just too funny. save. The nurse said, "that's OK, you've got a catheter.". I had a patient coming out of anesthesia who opened his eyes as I was switching him from a mask to nasal cannula tell me: “This hospital has the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.” Made me blush I was so flattered, and made the rest of my day awkward with my coworkers teasing me about it. 10+ Year Member. This is a drug that relieves people of pain whilst in surgery but can lead to patients having illusions and talking about the first things that come to mind, with usually funny results. This is a drug that relieves people of pain whilst in surgery but can lead to patients having illusions and talking about the first things that come to mind, with usually funny results. 115k • Posted by 8 hours ago. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. This little kitty was prescribed valium after his operation. Keep in my mind my surgeon is like... 65. 99, 98, 97... "The walls are getting dizzy" (<-made perfect sense at the time) 96..... zonk, Waking up with the painkillers and anasthetic wearing off, nurse says 'I'll go get you a prescription for pain killers", me: "Oh god, I love you, marry me?". Post-wisdom-tooth-operation: Cussed out a public park. He was already super nervous about getting the procedure done and she was trying to help calm him down. Settings. Thankfully he took it well, but I'm sure he thinks much less of me. 2.6k votes, 228 comments. I counted from 10 to 1. Same surgery. His reaction was just like that of so many cats before him: his eyes went wide and his limbs went out as if the world was spinning underneath him. On the second day the knee was better and on the third day it disappeared. On the upside, I usually come round sky high.

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